Kate Moss for Topshop spring 2009: Lingerie & Liberty

News about the collaboration between my favorite highstreet store and my favorite model / style icon.

First, Kate Moss’ design contract for Topshop has been extended for a further three years. Since the start in May 2007, there have been eight seasonal collections. It launched in twenty two countries worldwide and has subsequently become available in Australia, Europe and the United States. Among the “new collections” will be debut accessories and lingerie ranges (from vogue.co.uk).

This is great news, I adore Kate’s style and I collect pretty much everything from her Topshop line. What I don’t understand why the accessories are launched as a “debut”?  The very first collection also had accesories (the swallow necklace), and later collections also had scarves, belts and bags.  And what about the shoes? The belle boots with the zipper on the back are the best boots I’ve ever seen/worn, so please, more shoes!  And I’m also intriged about the lingerie, because Kate doesn’t seem like a lingerie person like Dita von Teese. I once read in an article she wears plain black knickers and no bra. So hmmm, I’m curious what to expect. I guess girly stuff with cute apple/floral/swallow prints and triangle bra’s?









Selection of random Kate Moss for Topshop pics


 Also there are rumours that Kate has teamed up with London-based Liberty’s print designers for her upcoming Topshop collection. Liberty is a department store in London, England that originated from Arthur Liberty who was the son of a draper. The store was founded as an oriental import emporium and once Liberty saw the quality of his fabrics drop he began to import fresh cashmere, silk and cotton to be hand printed in England. At this time they developed the palette of colors know as “Liberty colors.” They consist mostly of soft and tender colors. In the 1920’s Liberty began to create small floral prints that are now known as “Liberty Prints.”  

 lib1  lib5lib61    lib31





Liberty print fabrics from www. liberty.co.uk

The prints seem perfect for Kate’s collection! Hmmm, I can imagine Liberty print mini dresses, chiffon pussy bow shirts, playsuits, knickers? The  spring 2009 collection is expected in May 2009.


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