Not good

New year and new dissapointments..i had high hopes of the new Louis Vuitton ad campaign shot by Steven Meisel when i saw the first few pictures.. styling is nice and demure, Madonna’s face nicely airbrushed. check. check.





then this happend;


She is almost getting to a point where i’m almost embarassed for her.. This just should not have been done. When i see this in magazine i certainly will not feel compelled to buy anything off that page whilst looking down Madonna’s crotch. Who exactly will want to buy the (quite cheap looking-anyway) LV undies? It’s just beyond me. Have her put out another sex book if she wants to provoke reaction, but don’t try to sell high fashion with these cheap and overused tactics. This is not doing LV good..this is certaintly another big low moment since the fake LV monogram bag craze at the begining of the 21st century. All it does is cheapen the apeal of the brand. It’s not about age-ism or controversy, it’s just getting boring, doing this with Madonna all over again, these boundries have been moved already 10 years’s time to close your legs and move on.



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