Byebye 2008, hello 2009!

What I never ever want to see again:

1. Celebrities becoming fashion designers – No, I don’t want to wear dresses by Victoria Beckham, leggings by Lindsay Lohan, shoes by Jessica Simpson, umbrella’s by Rihanna (I’m not joking) and other stuff by Penelope Cruz, Chloe Sevigny, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, the Olsen twins, Jan Smit (?), Wendy van Dijk….the list goes on and on and on.  One exeption : I adore Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. I don’t care how much she is involved with the designing proces, the clothes are great, original and never too trendy. 

2. Latex leggings –  There was a moment when they were über-fashionable, but stylish?  Great for editorials in fashion magazines, on supermodels and sex shop employees, but in real life over the top.













3. Headbands Björn Borg-style –  Hmmmm. Could be an interesting look, when worn by innocent hippie type of girls. But they are always worn by girls in desperate need of atention (somehow they often also wear the latex leggings).  I never understand why girls blindly copy looks from magazines that make them look like a fashion victim.























4. Agyness Deyn aka Laura Hollins – So very predictable. Model dates rockstar and also wants to sing. I bet she wants to be an actress as well. And dressing weird is not the same as being stylish.




















 5. Gladiator boots – I don’t think I need to explain…………














And my personal fashion forecast for 2009:

1.  Jumpsuits – See my earlier post. So effortless chic!

2. Designer clothes for less! – One of the benefits of the credit crunch is that no one wants to pay the absurd high prices for designer clothes. I expect a lot of discounts and sales. eBay will be fun again!

3. Zippers. -On jackets, jeans, ankle boots, bags. The more the better! 













4.  One shoulders dresses, tops and shirts – I love the look of this Chloé dress from the spring 2009 collection.



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