Paco loco

Looks like Paco Rabanne might be doing a catwalk revival some time in the near future.  There’s  nothing wrong with 60s fashion houses doing comebacks.. it’s worked for many of them. Paco Rabanne stopped their ready-to-wear line, most recently designed by Patrick Robinson in 2006, after almost 40 years and continued their focus on the frangrance line..for most of my generation that’s the only assosiation with the brand. I have to admit first thought that springs to mind when i hear the name is old lady eau de cologne.

It’s a quick comeback, but speaking in the legendary words of Heid Klum “In fashion one day you’re in and the next day you’re out” so perhaps it might work the other way around as well? The wait is now to see who the head designer will be. I’m actually hoping for someone new, who’s ego has not yet been spoiled senseless and who can do the Paco name justice. With a fashion house with such quirky, fun and innovative history it will be interessting to see how the new designer will interpret it into present fashion times.

For now some vintage original Paco eye candy pour vous…

vlcsnap-15212065a humurous mention of Paco in the end credits of Barbarella.


said outfit in the movie’s final scene, where Barbarella emereges impeccably dressed in a new(!) outfit after a brush with death.


Francoise Hardy, a big Paco fan.



60s Paco Rabanne haydays



the 90s Paco inspiration can stay in the past as far as i’m concerned, but that goes for a LOT of (early) 90s collections of many a great designer..



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