Bring Back New Romantic!

Ok, we had a fifties-sixties-seventies revival, and this spring we will all look like 1984 Bananarama (bleached denim, cropped tops, oversized trousers, etc), but there’s one revival I’m waiting for……..New Romantic!

In case you were born not so long ago, New Romantic was a music/fashion/lifestyle movement in the early eighties.  The  New Romantics often dressed in caricaturally counter-sexual or androgynous clothing and wore cosmetics in the New Wave extension of punk fashion, with frilly shirts of the English Romantic period, or exaggerated versions of upscale, tailored fashion and grooming and often sported quiffs and used eye-liner liberally. David Bowie was an obvious influence, as were Brian Eno and Roxy Music.  Many thought the movement was anti-punk, though the movement was largely an extension of it. The music was largely synthesiser-based electronic music (from wikipedia).

Adam Ant (and the Ants):picresized_1205288782_adam20ant

Duran Duran( with the lovely John Taylor on the left):300326


Spandau Ballet:p16495q10ik

And another book for my wish list:op489391


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