Zooey home lovin’

The lovely Zooey Deschanel, in my oppinion the best dressed young American star at the moment, has given me an excuse to start my first home decor post at our little blog… She graces the cover of the february issue of the amazing Domino magazine and inside you can find a tour of her quirky yet classicly styled apartment.


Vive la inspiration, i especially love the navy and white walls and the light blue 60s Danish sofa(i want one!).

Skipping to fashion(i can’t help it) I also love her magenta pink tights, i happen to have a pair that i always thought of as a tricky combination item and i never thought of pairing it with  cream white! Thinking of it now..I have a couple of cream dresses that would look very cute with those.

her tights are from welovecolors.com a site that i discovered a while ago and plan on doing an order from sometime soon. I want tights in every shade of red, purple, green and blue -except the neon shades, i don’t have to explain that do i? 😉





for more pics visit domino

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