Ode to the peacock chair

I have an obsessive personality, nothing too serious.. i just get a little crazy over items that inspire me and that i feel that i need to aquire, be it clothes, decoration or furniture, i can not for the life of me get them out of my head until i find the right one.

Right now i’m on the hunt. Perfecting my home is the mission and noone will get in my way. The  subject of my current obsession is the wonderful peacock chair. It became most famous in the 1960s, it has a slatted back rest fanning out to evoke the bird’s plume and is usually made of rattan. It makes anyone sitting in it look cool.(i rest my case ;)).

See here some examples of this lovely stylish invention..


Tennessee Thomas in 10magazine


domino mag


the goddess Erin Fetherston


the home of Pearl Lowe – Grazia magazine


Jean Shrimpton and Cecil Beaton


Zooey Deschanel – flaunt magazine shoot


Kirsten Davis InStyle magazine



stills from Klute(1971)


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