Primark Spring 2009

I think Primark is the coolest store ever. When you’ve got no budget left, there’s always something to score at Primark.  Recently the first Dutch Primark store has opened in Rotterdam Alexandrium. 

Here are some images from the spring 2009 collection. The shoes are dissapointing, but the lingerie is great! 


UPDATE: Check out our latest post with the pictures of the Primark Summer 2009 collection!


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3 responses to “Primark Spring 2009

  1. Bonny

    next week!!!!!!! i will be in LONDON! YAY! PRIMARK HERE I COME!
    i heard the primark in Rotterdam is kinda dissapointing… but i havent been there myself (yet)…
    but LONDON here i come!

  2. Jane

    ohhh my god ….its sooo nice…
    I’m the next week in london too and I’m so happy to visite the primark shop at the oxford street …and I hope NO I think that I found defently a wonderful bikin for this summer…

    Primark ist the best shop!!! I love it…..

  3. trashcangirl

    Yes, Primark is so brilliant! Check also our post about their Summer 2009 collection:
    Have fun in London!

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