L.A.M.B. Spring 2009

The new L.A.M.B. spring collection has arrived! L.A.M.B. is the favorite brand of us threeinacrowd girls, in fact we are the only three idiots in the Netherlands 1. who know the brand, 2. are willing to pay ridiculous prices for it, 3. and live on macaroni and cheese  for the rest of the month untill payday comes…..

The spring 2009 collection combines the idea of  40’s Western tailoring juxtaposed to the richness of Indian costume and textiles.  The collection features fabrics and trims that include many variations on cotton, including silks, gauzes, double layer cottons and cotton stretch in addition to jerseys and wool crepe.  L.A.M.B.’s signature use of black and white has been supplemeted with vivid clementine orange, sindoor red and electric pink as well as rich heather greys.  The collection features a celestial print, a henna print, a block print, a nomad print, and a border print.  The silhouettes include classic, feminine L.A.M.B. staples like pencil skirts and playful dresses, however many of the jackets feature menswear tailoring. 

Spring 2009 isn’t my favorite season, it’s very ordinary compared to the other L.A.M.B. collections. Well, that means a can have a decent meal this season!

For more info check www.lambcollections.com









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One response to “L.A.M.B. Spring 2009

  1. luckypunkybonny

    Only thing i pre-ordered is this layered bustier top in red/white/gold… hope it will fit!

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