Dolly Dare

Yesterday I was in London for shopping. And ofcourse visited TopShop. In the basement I found a really cute designer label named Dolly Dare. I loved it so much I got 2 dresses from the brand. The dresses are priced 60-75 pounds. The ones I got were 65 pnd. each.

The dresses I got:

Black Lolita Kinda Dress
Dress Full



Red Leopard Band dress

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Dolly Dare is a brand that only makes 20 pieces per design, so that if you go out clubbing you wont run into a gal wearing that same dress you have on! And you know you have a pretty unique item on!

The brand has its own store, near Carnaby (i visited Kingly Court but didint look at Joie, stupid i know!)
37 Marshall Street, (just off Carnaby Street) 02704343423.



Inside 1

Inside 2

Front store door

Pictures of the store taken from :

Asos sells some dresses and a skirt, all are on sale for 25 pnds.

Satin Frill Dress Black

Satin Frill Baby Doll Dress Pink

Striped Ra Ra Skirt

Satin Frill Zebra Dress

Leopard Satin Frill Shift Dress


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2 responses to “Dolly Dare

  1. trashcangirl

    Hey, you’re back! The red dress with the leopard trim is lovely. Can’t wait to see how it looks on you…..

  2. luckypunkybonny

    thanx, it looks lovely! i had to get 2 dresses… ed bought me the black one! coudnt chose from all the cute stuff and i didint even went to the store! only saw it in topshop! off to bed… only slept 3 hrs last nite, was horrible getting back! nothing with the weather, the plane was what was wrong!

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