Kate Moss for Topshop Spring 2009: Preview

The pictures of Kate’s Spring 2009 Topshop collection are here! So let’s not waste any more time and take a look at them…..

kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-063I like the neckline of the maxi dress.
kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-291I like the second pair of shorts. I don’t know what fabric it’s made from, hopefully it’s not too shiny.kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-281I love the heart print on the dress and the cardigan below.kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-271kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-261kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-241One of the Liberty prints that has been used for this collection.kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-251Personally I’m not a fan of the fringes. Seems like a difficult item to wear in real life.
kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-231Hmmm, eeuuhm………no.kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-221The first dress reminds me of an eighties hooker (sorry Kate). I like the second dress but the shape is very simular to a recent Celia Birtwell for Topshop dress.kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-211
kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-201kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-191kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-171Dress and top with Liberty print.kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-161I’m loving the blue dress and the cardi as well.kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-151kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-131kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-142kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-121The dress on the right is my this seasons must have.kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-111kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-101Comeback of the bodystocking?kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-092
Zippers!!! 🙂
kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-082kate-moss-topshop-sp09-dresses-074Cute shirt.


The Liberty prints: named Kate Nouveau, Poppy, and Lilabell after her daughter.

The official release date is the 2nd of april. Keep an eye on the Topshop website!

All pics from http://www.nitrolicious.com

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One response to “Kate Moss for Topshop Spring 2009: Preview

  1. s/s’09 > s/s’08
    I actually LOVE this one!! I want at least 4 dresses cardi’s and jackets BAD.. ahhh topshop.com/katemoss is my bitch this season, cause the topshop collection is quite dissapointing so far..

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