If looks could kill: Wendy James

This post is dedicated to my first style icon: Wendy James. At the time (1988) she was in a pop-punk band called Transvision Vamp (actually more pop than punk) and I loved the way she looked: bleached blond hair, pink clothes and  pale pink lipstick.  I was 15 years old,  bought Smash Hits every week, cut out pictures of her and stuck them in my journal/diary. And started bleaching my hair for the first time.

transvision vamp




Thank god she changed the pink lycra dresses a couple of years later for black leather jackets and vintage clothing from the fifties and sixties. 





In 1991 Transvision Vamp split up and Wendy released a solo album in 1993, “Now ain’t the time for your tears”, written by Elvis Costello. Her style changed to stylish black beatnik outfits (turtlenecks!) and Bardot hair.


After her relationship ended (with Mick Jones, ex-Clash member…..not bad) she decided to move to New York and learned how to play guitar and write songs. The result: a new band, Racine, influenced by: rap music (???). In interviews she’s said she’s done with the indie music scene (she has heard Franz Ferdinand but “doesn’t get it”). Her passions are hip-hop, early punk and Bob Dylan. “The idea of being a white, indie, navel-gazer is beyond me,” she says. “What the Ramones did was so great, why try and emulate it 30 years later? And so many lyrics I hear from indie rock bands are so introverted, so miserable. The last music revolution was rap music and it was just mind blowing.”




Well, she’s still cool and stylish! Hmm, I could wear a pussy bow blouse to work tomorrow…….

For more info on Wendy and Racine check: http://www.myspace.com/theracineworld



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2 responses to “If looks could kill: Wendy James

  1. i remember that pink dress with the rosettes on it. is that a shot from a video clip…? hmm

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