H&M your home..

My closet could not be what it is today without H&M clothes, there are days i’m head-to-toe in h&m down to the underwear.. It’s the verb du jour, I h&m, you h&m, we h&m.. and we certainly do.

Now the fashion store extraordinaire is launching their first home decor line so that we can make our whole world one H&M paradise. But do we want to?? Starting out with mostly cloth items such as pillows, throws, duvet covers, table cloths, bath linnens etc. the collection will thus far be only available in the H&M online shops in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria.

Having seen what they have to offer so far, except for a few special and original pieces, the collction fails to wow me. I picked out some of those “special” items.. yes they are mostly pillows. I have a pillow fetish.. and they really were the only items i found cute..

It’s a shame, i feel they could’ve done a lot more with the creativity they put into some of their clothes collections. They seem to have played it safe and put out a “divided-red” style collection(for non h&m addicts-read:simple, mostly one-colored basics with the occasional “hip print”)






Here are some campaign samples.. the items are divided into four style cathegories and each feauture kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom items;










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  1. luckypunkybonny

    i really like it!
    i think its supposed to fit in an exsisting living and there has to fit it…
    and i like the outstanding colourfullness of it… and i can see the natural theme going well in most houses
    i think you have to see this as how we have the HEMA in holland. i was surprised with the prices and how nice it all looked!

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