Kate Moss New York Magazine Cover

The last couple of days there has been a lot of controversy about Kate Moss. On some internet fashion forums people say the rudest things about her. Why? Has she been sniffing some white powder recently? Has she molested her child? Has she dumped Jamie and been snogging with Alison Mosshart instead? Nope (well, at least not that I know off ).

The horrible thing she’s done:  posing “raw” on the cover of New York Magazine. Apparently she looks too mumsy, too real, too old, too fat, etc…….. (???). Personally, I like to see some “real” photography. We’re so used to photoshopped images of models and celebs that unnatural perfection seems to have become the standard.  To me she seems gorgeous as ever.

 Anyway, check out the next photo’s from New York Magazine, shot by Bert Stern. The clothes are from her spring 2009 Topshop collection.






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One response to “Kate Moss New York Magazine Cover

  1. Bonny

    its not a spectaculair photoshoot, but it looks ok, and indeed REAL. Looks like hardly any photoshop has been done to the pix, wich is good i think! I love REAL photography, i try on my own pictures to do it as less as i can (is that written right?!). She looks like herself… normal!

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