Biba tries it at Topshop



Barbara Hulanicki, the woman behind the Sixties and Seventies cult London emporium Biba, is gearing up for the launch of her first collection for Topshop this spring! The collection, based on a Good Girl/Bad Girl concept, features floaty pieces with tougher, contrasting silhouettes.Biba was re-launched in 2006 with Bella Freud as head of design then continued to put out rtw collections with reminicent of past-Biba pieces. The re-launch unfortunately failed to make the impact on the fashion scene everybody had hoped it would make. It was the second or third attempt to bring the brand back, but this time with founder Barbara Hulanicki on board perhaps it might go differently.. here’s to hoping. The two preview pieces don’t do anything for me, but who knows what to expect, in this case maybe it’s better to have low expectations so that we can only be pleasantly surprised later on.

“Until now, I’ve been working with furniture, so it’s nice to be around silky things again,” she said on the sidelines of the Topshop Unique show. Topshop has been likened to a modern-day Biba – an inexpensive, high-energy, chaotic fashion paradise for the young. But Hulanicki begs to differ. “Oh no, Topshop is much wilder,” she said. The collection will include bodycon dresses and animal print palazzo pants; wide-leg catsuits with cutaway shoulders-a Hulanicki trademark, printed silk chiffon blouses and three quarter length sleeve suede jackets. It will be a 20 piece collection with prices ranging from £20-£120. Topshop is starting to be known teaming up with British design legends such as Celia Birtwell last year and now this unexpected Biba surprise for this spring..


to be continued…



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2 responses to “Biba tries it at Topshop

  1. trashcangirl

    Godverdomme, daar gaat m’n geld……….Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen and Biba is just too much………Why don’t I have an other obsession than fashion….Like collecting stamps or something…….

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