Harajuku Lovers Heels

Our Love for Gwen Stefani might be clear by now, but now it combines in LOVE for heels and Gwen together! Harajuku Lovers (Gwen Stefani’s second clothing line, besides LAMB) is gonna release some really cute heels! As of for now they are available at Macy’s. Some instore, some online! Check out the shoes!

thanks to livejournal user thequeenofpink for posting pictures from instore!



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3 responses to “Harajuku Lovers Heels

  1. Ahhh.. do you know the prices? Some are really really cute for summer, i hope they’re cheap dammit

  2. luckypunkybonny

    yep they are gonna be around $70/80

  3. trashcangirl

    I want the yellow ones with green heels. The rest I’m not sure, could look a little plastic in real life.

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