Not only for superheroes: Capes

The problem with the Netherlands is that 95% of all people dress the same. It’s usually jeans and a leather bomber jacket for girls. So I want to give a large applause to all the girls (and boys) that dare to wear something different.

I have this soft spot for capes. Because I’m a wimp myself, I don’t wear them often enough. I always think I look like Sherlock Holmes when I wear a cape. Or Super Grover from Sesame Street. :-). But after seeing these pics I will keep trying!


This coat is pure perfection. I love the combination with long gloves and black tights.


Cute cropped cape.


I love the way the coat matches the colour of her hair.


Carrie Bradshaw in a vintage nurse cape. Check out the fingerless white gloves.


Cool! Reminds me of Little Red Ridinghood (oftewel Roodkapje in goed Nederlands).


Seventies chic. Love the fringe and baret.


Oversized cape worn with knee stockings.


Worn with leggings and ankle boots.


Short plaid cape with cute bow and little pockets. I need this! Again a pair of white gloves.


And Gwen Stefani on her latest tour wearing a customized L.A.M.B. cape. And white gloves…… (do I spot a trend?).


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2 responses to “Not only for superheroes: Capes

  1. fairynxd

    that “cute cropped cape” is the H&M cape i returned to the store this winter and that keeps friggin HAUNTING me. I keep seeing it on ebay and i restrain myself from bidding, by trying to convince myself that i already have enough capes.. this NOT helping 😦

  2. trashcangirl

    Oh yeah! Now I recognize it! But hey, you’ve got your fabulous gothic print L.A.M.B. cape, so I’m not feeling sorry for you ;-).

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