Very Cherry

Im really into rockabilly, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, pin-up style of clothing! So about a year ago i found this really cute website called Very Cherry. The owner of the site, Caroline Poiesz, also owns the Very Cherry shop in Rotterdam. She designs her own Very Cherry collection, inspired by the 40’s and 50’s. I ordered already some from her, and if i had more money i would order more often! Or go try on things myself, if i was nearer Rotterdam!

Some pictures to illustrate how cute the stuff is she sells:


Pictures of the actual store:

And Very Cherry as every now and then their own fashion show:

And Very Cherry even hosts their own Burlesque Ballroom!



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2 responses to “Very Cherry

  1. trashcangirl

    I’ve been there once. Really cute store, so many nice stuff. It’s really you, you should go there. They have more in store than on the website. Maybe we could go there with the girls when we go on a Rotterdam shopping spree?

  2. luckypunkybonny

    yeah we have to plan it! i want to get a dress from the store! but i dont have money, has to be next month!

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