Like a Virgin: Madonna in Venice

My friend and I were supposed to go to the Pinkpop festival (Dutch pop festival), until we found out that tickets for one day cost €75,-………….euhm, that’s a lot of cash for one day of fun. So we decided to to something else instead, like visiting a friend in Venice.

I’m not the traveling type. I hate cheap hotel rooms, dirty toilets, scary insects, suspicious food, sunburn, etc. So I was thinking, hmmmm, what to expect of Venice. I don’t know a lot of Venice, there’s the Venetian carnaval, a lot of canals, and what else?

But then I realised: The Like a Virgin video from Madonna was made in Venice!



The Like a Virgin video was brilliant because Madonna had the best style: lace, studded bracelets, layers, multiple necklaces, visible bra’s, crosses and heavy make up. I really like the dress in the first photo and the blue jacket she wears in the video.

So I’m going to rent a boat, float through the Venetian canals and salute Madonna!






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