Heartbreaker fashion!

Last week I received my dress from store Very Cherry (I blogged about the store earlier!), and it turned out to be a dress from Heartbreaker Fashion. Heartbreaker Fashion is made in California by Teresa Becker and her baby girl, Amanda Marie. In January of 2005, the mother-daughter duo combined their talents and aspirations to create a retro-influenced clothing line featuring classic designs which encompass an everlasting fashion statement: CUTE!

Teresa has been designing for manufacturers and stores since 1978. Additionally, she is a fashion design instructor at the college level. When Amanda decided to come up with the Heartbreaker concept, it was a natural to work as a team to provide the experience and ingenuity that are the essential ingredients of this company.

So I absolulty love this website and the clothes they make! Im sure gonna order another dress from them!

this is the dress I got, very cherry indeed!

Heartbreaker Fashion


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