What to wear on a bicycle?

Sometimes it’s really easy to be totally cool. The latest must-have fashion accessory is a……….bike (???). Suddenly I see all these pictures of girls with bikes, there are websites dedicated to cycling fashion, fashion editorials containing models posing with bikes, and celebs riding them. So funny. Believe me, in the Netherlands everyone rides a bicycle and there’s nothing sexy about them. In real life it means everyone can see your underwear when you’re wearing anything low waisted, the wind makes a mess of your hair and when it rains you have to wear the most unflattering item of clothing ever made: a plastic rainwear suit (the horror). Recently me and Fairynxd went to a party by bicycle, the bike broke down, we had to repair it on the street and we both got our hands covered in non-removable black oil from the wheels……charming.

But let’s not be negative, it’s healthy and eco-friendly, and you can even look stylish on a bike, as these pictures show:


Coolest bicycle helmet I’ve ever seen!


I want that jacket. And the gloves. And the basket.


I can imagine her in a fifties movies.


It doesn’t get any cooler than matching the colour of your bike with your skirt.


Love the pants.


I never thought wearing white pumps can look this stylish.


Check out the yellow duck on front of the bike. 




Boots and checkered cape.


There is a reason why these girls are walking next to the bicycle. Pencil skirts and cycling don’t go together. Believe me, I’ve tried it several times and you just end up look silly cycling with X-legs. Or even worse, fall on your face in front of the traffic.


Zooey Deschanel.


Why is it that every time I wear white tights I look like a toddler? 


Perfect relaxed summer outfit.


 Yup, it’s the rainwear suit………… 😉



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3 responses to “What to wear on a bicycle?

  1. What an awesome idea for a blog post!! I sent my wife here as soon as I saw it – she’s ecstatic about a bunch of those ideas!

  2. Good post! Some of my favourite pictures from The Sartorialist are of fashionable people on bikes. It can be done!! I’m looking forward to a summer of riding my bike in foofoo fluffy dresses.

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