Bang Bang Girls

005fcGwen Stefani

When i look at my female idols, past and present, it looks like a lot of them have one hairstyle in common. A hairstyle i myself keep copying; the full bang or fringe, call it what you want depending where you’re from..

It can look fiercely feminine whilst giving the girl in question an innocent and little-girl like look without looking too old for it. It frames the face and makes just about any face-shape look cute. Be it paired with long or half long locks or a sophisticated bob, if you’re into that Anna Wintour look. I’m inspired by the pics i posted and need to get my bangs trimmed just a teeny tiny bit, i’ll have to book that in somehow tommorow. Enjoy the pics and call your hairdresser! 😉


Zooey Deschanel


don’t know who they are but they’re bangin’ fabulous


Jane Birkin


Sharon Tate


Pattie Boyd


Jenny Lewis


Anna Karina in Alphaville


Valentine Fillol Cordier and banged male friend


Sharin Foo

AX020270 Brigitte Bardot


Unidentified cute girl, Zoe Kravitz, Sarah Sophie Flicker


Catherine Deneuve


Erin Fetherston and Lula editor Leith Clarke


Gaspard Ulliel and Kate Moss


let your bangs blow in the wind – Sylvie Vartan and Francoise Hardy


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5 responses to “Bang Bang Girls

  1. luckypunkybonny

    i already have bangs! YAY!

  2. J.N. Wenkel

    I`m really into bangs too, -thick, straight & blunt cut(provided model got a suitable face-shape of course) !
    Think Lily Allen and many more…..
    What I`m wondering about ; -what`s with all the malevolence towards bangs in the fashion/beauty/media industry…?
    -Resulting in large segments of teenagers believing that straight bangs are a no-no !

  3. frapptastic

    “don’t know who they are but they’re bangin’ fabulous”

    that would be Aussie girl group The Veronicas…

  4. renatah

    the male friend with Valentine is Faris Badwan of The Horrors 🙂

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