The start of the festival season: Motel Mozaique 2009

How do you know the winter is finally over? It has nothing to do with the weather or wearing skirts without tights. It’s when you’ve got a timetable in your hands from a festival you’re attending. And yesterday I had the pleasure to visit one of my favorite festivals: Motel Mozaique. It’s situated in the city centre of Rotterdam, on various locations.


The best thing about Motel Mozaique is that they always book relatively unknow, but suprisingly good bands. I went saturday only (the friday was already sold out), and somehow me and my friends went to see all these extreme loud, experimental noise bands…..


We started with Belgian band Madensuyu (Turkish for mineral water) in Rotown. One guy on guitar, other one on drums. And we were completely blown away… was so f*&%cking amazing! They sounded very much like Sonic Youth (Sister-era), with a little bit of early dEUS. Loved it so much I bought all their merchandise, including a very handy foldable yardstick. Brilliant! They play in good old Utrecht on the 18th of April in Ekko, go watch them, bring all your friends, and buy the rest of their merchandise!


Next stop was Watt, the most horrible venue in the Netherlands because they have all these fucked up security people working there. Went to see LA band Health in the basement of Watt, four very young looking boys that make a lot of experimental noise/trash. Actually they were pretty ok, but I just saw Madensuyu so after that everything seemed less interesting.

A Certain Ratio played on the main stage in Watt. Listened to the first three songs and fell asleep. That says it all.


Back to the basement again for Mi Ami, three guys from San Francisco, again a noise band but this one was kind of funny. The music was good, the band was energetic, but the singer had a suprisingly high voice that sounded like your 5 your old hyperactive sister screeming along to K3 (For those of you who know K3: Ok, not all bands from Belgium are good……..).

And finally we saw 15 minutes of 2ManyDJ’s, theDewaele brothers playing their dance records on the main stage. I wasn’t in the mood for dance music, so decided to get some sleep.

The results from the jury: Belgium twelve points! 

Next up: London Calling!


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  1. Bonny

    I have to update with pictures from the Rifles and a review too! lazy ass me, but i had to work yesterday…

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