A Child of the Jago

No, this post has nothing to do with (former) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club drummer Nick Jago………

A Child of the Jago is an in 2008 opened store in London’s Shoreditch area. Even though you might not have heard of the store, I’m sure you have heard of the people that are running it – Barnzley and Joseph Core of Agent Provocateur. The name of the store comes from a book with the same title, written by Arthur Morrison and takes place in the London slums in the 1890’s.

Child of the Jago was imagined as a place to sell off the remnants of Britain’s lost empire. An eclectic mix of antique jewelery, vintage sartorial bibles and even parts of McLaren’s record collection is up for sale. Think Civil War, think Napoleon, Waterloo, or Pirates of the Caribbean, and you get the idea.

On the first floor you will find off-the-peg suits, designed by Corres and Barnzley. Vivienne Westwood’s influence is unmistakable in the collection, in the Teddy Boy suits as well as the silk-panelled t-shirts depicting Hogarth. Make your way down the winding staircase into the basement and you’ll find vintage Victorian pea coats, German fighter pilot jackets from the Second World War, a 1950s postman-regulation uniform and other vintage delights, each one a piece of history.

The bad news: no clothes for girls, but worth dragging your boyfriend to……








10 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3NT, opening hours: Monday – Saturday 11.00 h – 19.00 h



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