Fetherston fairytale fantasy life

Once upon a time there lived a girl..who became a fashion designer. She made perfect clothes for girls who love to dream and don’t want to grow up and become serious, severe and boring. She had the princess kind of beauty; her hair was perfectly straight and platinum blonde and  her skin porcelain white. She wore her perfect fairytale dresses and was friends with the most gorgeously stylish people that walked the earth.

Puppy dogs, pastel colors, flowy gowns, love, romance, beauty, youth, dream homes, perfect city life…This fairytale sounds almost too perfect to be true, yet it is..


The girl’s name is Erin Fetherston. She resides in Paris and lives in a gorgeous appartment with her fiance Hedi Ferjani. She works hard to keep this dream alive putting out beautiful collections each season, usually filled with flowy dresses and whimsical feminine designs that literally look like they stepped out of a children’s fairytale story book. At the age of 25(my age now!!!) she designed an affordable guest design collection for Target’s Go International program. Her Parisian appartment has high ceilings, white walls and antique furniture, marble statues and is very fitting for the fashion royal that she is.





I looove the double framed fashion illustrations going all the way up to the ceiling!




the Parisian lifestyle..


city sightseeing…





good food..


playing games in good company..


dayoutings – on vespa, of course


ending the day with a glass of a good alcoholic beverage in a Parisian cafe..

that’s it, i’m moving to Paris and going to fashion school! 😉


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