No more waiting: Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop preview!

I’ve blogged so much about the Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop Collection, that this time I keep quiet and let the pictures speak for themselves…..

These are the model images of the Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop Collection:

37524d63-e284-43e5-94d8-9958e4393943Animal Tie Dress £50, Leopard Trousers £45

e54cf620-b934-479b-b5f0-29ee29edb661Bow Shoulder Dress £55

0e200514-015d-436b-b6df-57220d46a44eGirl Print Sun Dress £55

a20395bd-73d0-4ba4-aa50-3487669599abShoulder Dress £55

cbe96672-2555-4208-8b89-cd143c0f90e9Tube Dress £25

6a00e5508e95a9883301156f3b33c2970c-500wiSuede blazer and shorts, price unknow


The product images:

a4a41f2d-930d-4a6c-964e-ad322e8b790c1Blue Cotton Tube Dress £25

2c506b06-623e-4cb1-8063-f772039d86e2Blue button skirt £30


Blue Animal Tie Dress £50


Blue Girl Print Shorts £40


Girl Print Sundress £55

297820ab-696e-4e33-a178-9983bba7bde1Girl Print Top £40


Grey Heel Vest £18


Leopard Trousers £45


White Girl Tee £20

d77a903f-5158-437c-b7ec-d1e2aee08247Dolman Sleeve Dress £30 


Purple Halter Dress £50  


Rouch Bikini £30


Pink Girl Print Head Scarf £22 (this scarf comes in different colours and prints)

a3bca672-3fb2-4a62-a4c6-fcd89c1ca7021Coral Bow Shoulder Dress £55 

7f2b5857-eeb8-4105-b53e-074182f6e2b1Giant Shopper £25 

8a1df818-0115-4d08-9247-51dfa7d34934Orange Body £22 


Coral Button Skirt £30  


Orange Rouch Bikini £30

c31b4cb3-35ec-4529-9be8-2084f55e4ca7Orange Jersey Skirt £25

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5 responses to “No more waiting: Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop preview!

  1. Bonny

    when its online, and you are gonna order lemme know… i want the last orange skirt i think!

  2. trashcangirl

    I think it will be on sale the 28th……. On my wishlist are the the orange wide sleeved dress (although I hate orange clothes) and the suede suit – maybe the purple dress, girl print sun dress and blue button skirt.
    If you’re going to order online, let me know, I have a discount code.

  3. fairynxd

    the girl print stuff is pretty cute. I absolutely love the halter dress though! ❤

  4. trashcangirl

    There’s a lot of her stuff on the Topshop website, check out a very beautiful printed pussy bow blouse, some floppy hats, a bustier, and a gorgeous black jumpsuit that needs a loving home. Like my place, for instance…….

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