A.L.C. Spring 2009

Former celebrity stylist Andrea Lieberman has started her own clothing collection, named A.L.C. (Andrea Lieberman Collection). I’m curious about her designs, because she has also worked as an advisor for L.A.M.B., Gwen’s label I love to death. About her own collection Andrea says: “I want to make real clothes for real people—everyday clothes that feel like they take too much effort aren’t modern to me”.


One of her inspirations was client and friend Shirley Manson. “She’s just effortlessly cool and a little punk rock,” says Lieberman. “Shirley’s just so supercool. You can’t ever put her in a box”. Shirley is modeling the spring 2009 collection.

Some items from the collection:


Jersey Chevron Stripe Dress


Skinny Tomboy Zipper Pants


Drawstring Jumpsuit


Drape Neck Leather Jacket


Long Jersey Sari Dress

I just wish Shirley starts making music again instead of doing side projects like modeling and playing in Terminator movies……………

You can buy A.L.C. at Barneys, Fred Segal, and Harvey Nichols and online at www.intermix.com and www.barneys.com.



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2 responses to “A.L.C. Spring 2009

  1. fairynxd

    Oooh.. Had je het artikel in de US ELLE ook gelezen???

    Shirley is stunning, but YES she should do some more music ASAP. I like Andrea’s styling i think more than her collection, it’s a bit too basic for my taste.

    • trashcangirl

      Yes, couldn’t find the other pictures that came with the article. To be honest, I think it’s more L.A.M.B. than the pictures of the Fall 2009 L.A.M.B. collection Bonny has posted.
      Not a good sign…..

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