New Chanel No.5 commercial starring Audrey Tautou

It’s Amelie all grown up and i love it! Jean Pierre Jeunet(who also directed of course “Amelie” and “A very long engagement”, which also starred Audrey) directed this new commercial for Chanel No.5 starring his all time favorite muse; the petite Audrey Tautou. With the Coco Chanel biopic (as previously blogged about my Miss trashcangirl) coming out the spotlight is on Audrey. The commercial has very much Jeunet’s recognizible style.. his cinematography is as usual filled with autumn hues; dark reds and browns.. and his cheeky sense of humor and erotisism is in there as well. There’s always a neck kiss in his movies has anyone noticed? Anyway it’s very cute and subtle in my opinon and different from the flamboyant glamourous Chanel ad’s we’ve seen in the past(ie. Nicole Kidman’s). It’s already getting criticism for being too plain and lacking the Chanel grandure and luxurious chic feeling, but i beg the differ a girl can feel chic and special without wearing an evening gown. Being attracted to someone and getting attention from them can also make you feel chic and special and that’s what i think it’s about. It’s still a unrealistic fairytale girl meets boy story and Audrey is glamurous just by her grace and being herself. I personally like it much more than Nicole’s ad.

watch the making of…





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