Kate Moss for Topshop Preview Summer 2009 collection

After the launch of the Kate Moss for Topshop Spring 2009 collection a couple of weeks ago, we’re all looking forward to her next designs for the Topshop Summer collection. These pictures show a preview of a small part of the collection (unfortunately i don’t know what magazine they’re from). Other items are a white cotton peplum dress and I’ve also seen a silver sequin maxi dress.

I like it that she’s styled differently from her normal looks…..the shoot has a very 1980’s Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love -kind of vibe.






Personally I love the leopard dress, the striped maxi dress and the last strapless dress.

And how it looks in real life:

kate6Silver sequin cardigan and tiger print top, as seen on the fourth photo.

kate7The strapless dress from the fifth photo.

The new collection will be in stores on the 21st of May.

Pictures from www.thefashionspot.com.



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2 responses to “Kate Moss for Topshop Preview Summer 2009 collection

  1. luckypunkybonny

    please lemme know when the leo dress is in, or when you know much pounds it is! i migth want it!

  2. fairynxd

    my guess it’s gonna be 80-100 pounds, Kate’s stuff’s been really pricey lately

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