More Kate – Preview Summer 2009

Just a few more days and Kate’s third summer collection will arrive at Topshop. A couple of posts back you could see Kate modelling a part of her summer collection. These pictures are the first product images. My personal opinion: Some stuff is really nice, some is the worst I’ve ever seen…… 


Somehow, I don’t like this dress. Boring shape and colours that remind me of happy childeren’s tv-shows………..


Glamorous cardigan.


This looks really pretty………love it, although it looks simular to the leopard print Barbara Hulanicki has used for her Topshop collection.




This is one of those dresses that looks horrible when you see it on the hanger, but can be brilliant when worn in real life.


Love the folkore print…….but since I had a conversation with miss Fairynxd about this dress I’m having associations with blushing milkmaids, cows and meadows……


Huh? WTF is this?


Hmm…..I’m expecting you will see these type of studded gladiator sandals in every store this summer.


Must have!


I like the sleeves, but the v-shape of the pink fabric at the torso is weird. 


I’m absolutely not getting this top. Hate it.

The collection will be in Topshop stores at the 21st of May! Check

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