Like Clockwork: exploring an inspiration

I LOVE tracing back inspirations. The movie “Clockwork Orange” is one of those neverending inspirational wells. The movie is about the adventures of a young man  who couldn’t resist pretty girls or a bit of the old ultra-violence went to jail, was re-conditioned and came out a different young man … or did he?

The 1972 classic directed by Stanley Kubric is a very unique movie, bordering of the bizar. The cinematography is very bleak and crisp. Stylistic elements that characterize the movie are the bowler hats, the suspenders and contrasting colors, monochrome everything and most importantly the freakish-institutionalized-dandy take on menswear(which when you look at images posted below in female fronted editorials works also perfectly on women). It’s very interessting to see what people can do using the movie as inspiration. Because of the many cliche’s surrounding the movie, reacreating it in different stylistic manners can prove difficult. The road to satire and fashion faux pas is not long, you risk your inspirational source becoming very obvious and it can lose that stylistic edge very easily and become a gimmick. But that it is possible to make it work i will prove to you in images as you scroll along this little post 😉

dfmp_0052_clockwork_orange_1971original movie poster







another very 70s feel poster

In Music

The band No Doubt used Clockwork Orange as one of the main sources for their summer comeback tour.


poster for no doubt’s 2009 summer tour kick off show

“You know, it’s kinda funny, whenever we do an album or a tour we’ve noticed that if we have a really strong theme that everything falls into place better,” guitarist Tom Dumont told Buzznet. “Gwen [Stefani] came up with the Clockwork Orange thing — she started getting into the visuals of those modernist movies from the ’60s.”




Here’s a hint at what fans can expect: “It’s like this space-age modernism — it’s retro and modern at the same time, so we’re building this crazy stage set that has that vibe. We have a bunch of really great artists doing T-shirts and posters that echo that,” Dumont revealed.

Afbeelding 1

In fashion


Citizien K Spain Clockwork Orange themed editorial “La Nueva Bohemia” shot by Sarah Seewar.





Editorial very obviously inspired by Clockwork Orange recreating some of the scenes featuring male model Boyd Holbrook. Photographer unknown.





Rodnik F/W08





Hendrik Vibskov S/S09

In Street Style

article-1131336-03396FF0000005DC-989_468x732 Mischa Barton taking it a bit far..

Last and not least…..

clockwork_orangemuch better than Mischa

sources: tfs, beaconstreetonline, imdb,livejournal


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