Style Icon from the Past: Ellen Foley

When I was a kid I had a best friend named Marloes, and our favorite activity together was playing her mother’s vinyl singles collection and use our hairbrushes to sing along. Most of her mother’s records were terrible 70’s glamrock bands (Mud! Status Quo! Smokey!), but there was one record we both loved: “We Belong to the Night” from Ellen Foley. At the time I had no idea who she was, but I loved the way she looked on the record sleeve.

Later I found out more about her.  She’s mostly famous for her vocal contribution to the Meatloaf song  “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” from 1977. For some reason she was replaced in the video by a hysteric dark haired woman, who lip-synched to her voice.

Foley’s debut album, Nightout, produced by Bowie collaborator Mick Ronson, was a cult splash in 1979. Foley’s second album was produced by boyfriend Mick Jones of the Clash and has songs on it with ridiculous titles like “The Death of the Psychoanalyst of Salvador Dali”. She can also be heard on The Clash album “Sandinista!”. Her relationship with Mick Jones did not last. In this period Jones wrote the Clash song “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”. In the 80’s she became an actress and starred in movies (like Fatal Attraction) and musicals. She now teaches at the Paul Green School of Rock Music (best know from Jack Black’s movie).

Somehow she seems to be forgotten nowadays, but I think she used to look really cool and definitely was a style icon. Check out her looks:










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