All a Girl Needs: a Leopard Coat

Sometimes you see those lists in fashion magazines about “the ten clothing items every girl has to own”. Usually those lists consist of “a pair of jeans”, “a white shirt”, “a beige trenchcoat”, etc., All very predictable and very “classic”  items. But all cool girls should own a leopard fur coat, and that’s never on those lists!

Leopard coats can make any boring outfit (for instance a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt) immedialtely interesting. Throw on a leopard coat and tada…….rock ‘n roll chic!.

P., B., and me are huge fans of leopards prints. Allthough I must say it looks better on P. and B., because leopard matches better with dark hair (and not with my blond hair, it can be a bit too much “Russian blue eyeshadow call girl type”).

For fun and inspiration, here are my favorite pics of perfect leopard coats.

For all political correct people out there: all the fur coats I own are fake. Ofcourse.

6a00d834527a7669e20105351192c8970b-800wiAlthough I like her “librarian” blouse and sweater, the coat makes it much more interesting.

lc8Ten points for this girl for combining her coat with a wide pair of pants (skirt?)

lc7I’m not sure if this is an “official”  leopard print, but gosh…the prettiest coat ever!

lc5Another ten points for combining her jacket with a flower print.

lc4Ripped tights, always a good look.


lc6And ofcourse fur is always great for (pretending you’re) wearing nothing underneath.

lg_5006811_Leopard_Coat_Gold_GlovesSixties chic.

2924792_f6e744f7cdBlythe looking lovely as ever in her leopard coat.

stsl04_trendspotting0803Kate wearing one of her many leopard coats.

img_9045as_thumbnailA great Topshop coat. I’m still looking for this coat, so If you have it and want to ger rid of it, leave me a message!

2290749356_1cac00d6edSienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick with her trademark coat.


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3 responses to “All a Girl Needs: a Leopard Coat

  1. luckypunkybonny

    i still need a good leo coat!!!!
    but i dont want it to be fluffy!

  2. boopoopeedoop

    ooh I have been looking for this leopard coat by Top Shop forever! but theres a lovely selection here. If anyone has this coat please message me ta. will pay good cash for it!

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