Arnhem Mode Biënnale 2009

There aren’t many fashion events in the Netherlands: there’s a yearly Fashion Week in Amsterdam and sometimes there’s a random exhibition, and that’s about it. Personally, I think the Amsterdam Fashion Week is very overrated: the usual (boring) Dutch fashion designers, the same (boring) Dutch Celebs, and a lot of attention from the (boring) Dutch press. So finally there is an other, much more interesting event: the Arnhem Mode Biënnale.


Some quotes from their website:

”Every two years the Arnhem Mode Biënnale presents the state of affairs in fashion design at an international level. In the space of four years the fashion biennale has evolved into a major trend-setting event with a robustly international orientation. For a month the centre of Arnhem will literally form the core of the third edition of the Arnhem Mode Biënnale.”

“The biennale theme of SHAPE forms the leitmotif for a series of inspirational programme components. To take just a small sample from the programme: for students there are informative workshops, fashion enthusiasts can follow an enchanting shopping route, and for professional visitors there are lectures. And what would a fashion fiesta be without a catwalk?”

“SHAPE is the connecting thread of the greatest cultural fashion event in the world. This year more than 80 fashion labels are participating, including Lanvin, Raf Simons, Hussein Chalayan, Jil Sander, Rick Owens, Martin Margiela and Viktor & Rolf.”

So next week P. and me are going to see some exhibitions and will return with fresh minds about fashion!



Arnhem Mode Biënnale will take place from June 6 to July 6 2009 throughout the centre of Arnhem. For more info check their website:

Last two pictures by Ernst Moritz.



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8 responses to “Arnhem Mode Biënnale 2009

  1. Bonny

    wanneer gaan jullie? can i go maybe?

    • trashcangirl

      Tuurlijk kun je mee. Denise wil ook gaan, en zij kan alleen zondag. Ik weet niet of jij en Paulina dan ook kunnen?

      • Bonny

        as zondag?
        eds pa viert zn bday…
        was eigelijk afgelopen zondag, maar is van ladder gevallen in de tuin…rug flink gekneusd, verjaardag afgezegd…

  2. Carla Ann

    I stumbled upon this blog accidentally and I just wanted to tell you girls I absolutely LOVE it. And I’m totally jealous you’re living in Amsterdam…I live in the U.S. and was there 2 years ago and foubd my dream boots from an outside vendor. Also got an amazing dress. Beautiful city, wonderful people. I look forward to your future posts! And Kate Moss is my absolute favorite- she’s actually the reason I became so interested in models and fashion.

    • Bonny

      hi carla!
      we’re actually living all over the Netherlands!
      Paulina lives in Amsterdam, Esther in Utrecht and I live in Nijmegen!
      But we all LOVE Amsterdam, try to be there as much as possible!
      Thank you for liking our blog! We hope you keep checking it out! xox

    • trashcangirl


  3. It’ a very good events for Arnhemist. I used to live in this city and I found it very comfortable.

  4. great .. Arnhem is a lovely city I’ve ever visited.

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