Byebye Farrah

Sad news today. American actress Farrah Fawcett has died of cancer.  Not only was she know for her role in the detective series Charlie’s Angels (the original one, not the recent Drew Barrymore movies), but she was a major fashion inspiration also. Watching old Charlie’s Angels episodes is a great way to get introduced to seventies fashion (high waisted flared jeans, jumpsuits, tube tops, hotpants, love it!). And there was the famous “flick”, her hairstyle that was copied by millions of girls (and by Madonna, remember her hair in the “Hung Up” video?). As a tribute to Farrah, here are some old pictures of her.

f3All American girl in blue jeans.

m1dz5nxa5vqbAs Jill Munroe in Charlie’s Angels with the other Angels Kate Jackson (middle) and Jaclyn Smith (left).

withsabrina_gallery__319x400Seventies sundresses.


2195079614_3c515e0d72Sexy in skintight lycra.


bhstoryAs heiress Barbara Hutton in “Poor Little Rich Girl”(1987).


tb1178farrahadShe didn’t have her own perfume, but her own shampoo!

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One response to “Byebye Farrah

  1. masibvo

    The first picture of her is my favorite.
    And her hair, amazing.
    She will be greatly missed. Kooky antics and all.

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