Memories of the Dolly Dots

Another sad day. At work the radio always plays, and when I was listening to the news this morning I found out that Ria Brieffies from the Dutch pop group the Dolly Dots has died at the age of 52. I was actually much more in a shock than when I heard about Michael Jackon’s death, because the Dolly Dots are so much a part of my youth.

When you’re from the Netherlands, I don’t have to explain who they were, because they were the most popular girl group in the eighties.  When you’re not from here, here’s a small introduction to the Dolly Dots and their infuence on how we all looked at that time.

First you have to know that when you were young in the eighties and lived in a small village at the Dutch countryside (like I did), there was no internet, no MTV (actually, the tv only had two Dutch channels and three German cannels), no H&M, and no fashion magazines for girls. Once in a while there was a music show on tv (Toppop), and sometimes I bought a music magazine (Popfoto).  So I never understand this whole “back to the eighties”-vibe there is today. It was totally crap to live in the eighties!!!

So, all girls between 8 and 12 years old were fans of  the Dolly Dots. It was that simple. Every girl loved them. They had good pop songs, they were nice and friendly and they wore cool clothes. A bit like the Spice Girls, but without the arrogance of Posh Spice.

Everything they wore was copied by us girls. Like oversized t-shirts worn as a dress. Oversized trousers with the legs rolled up in trendy pastel colours. With matching rolled up socks ofcourse. Transparant hair scarfs, tied in a bow. Long, skinny belts, wrapped twice around the hips. But pictures say more than words….

dots4At the start of their carreer in the late seventies. Ria is the second girl on the right.

dots2Actually, this looks quite modern now!

dots7Big hair, oversized clothing, neon colours: must be the eighties!

dots8One of the more horrible examples of eighties fashion. Yes, once I thought this looked great.

dots1Boyfriend blazers with shoulder pads? Nothing new, we did it decades ago darling!

dots6One of the must have items was a hair crimping iron, the one with two metal (!) plates to make waves in your hair and made you look like a poodle. When you couldn’t afford one of those, we made braids in wet hair, let it dry, took the plaits out and tadaa……the poodle effect!

dots5Ticking all the eighties fashion boxes. I wanted the gloves but couldn’t find them anywhere.


The girls looking fabulous for their reunion concerts in 2007.


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