More from the Primark Fall 2009 Collection

Two weeks ago I’ve posted the model shots for the Primark Fall 2009 Collection. Here are some of the product images, mostly shoes, accessories and clothes that were not included in the model pictures. Enjoy!

primark7Tassel Peeptoe Platform Shoe and Trenchcoat (£25.00)

 primark6Limited Edition Dress and Over the Knee Boot

primark5Cropped Duffle Cardigan and Backless Beaded T-Shirt


Over the Knee Tassel Boot and Lace Gloves (£2.00)


Multi Bib Necklace (£4.00) and Studded Mid-Heel Court Shoe


primark4Multi Strap Platform Boot and Jazz Pump (£8.00)

primark33 Buckle Reptile T-Bar Platform Shoe (£19.00, in silver and gold) and Studded Batwing Sleeve Dress

 primark1Leather Driving Glove and Knitted Trapper Hat


Quilted Chain Handle bag and Peep Toe Ankle Cuff Shoe

All pictures from Primark.


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2 responses to “More from the Primark Fall 2009 Collection

  1. masibvo

    Ahhhh, must have pink gloves, blue shoes, over the knee tassel boot and the other over the knee boot. Do they ship to the US? Where do I find this brand? It is all adorable!

    • trashcangirl

      Primark is great, it’s an Irish/English store and they have only one shop in the Netherlands, but unfortunately not in the US. And sorry, also no online shop…… but maybe you can try

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