A piece of Summer Darkness

I’ve done some posts about what to do on a boring sunday, well, I can ad “visit the Summer Darkness festival” to my list. It’s an annual lifestyle festival about “dark underground lifestyle” (gothic, industrial, electro, and other stuff I haven’t got a clue about). Altough this “dark underground lifestyle” is not my cup of tea, there’s one thing I like about it: suddendly the streets of Utrecht are crowded with extravagant looking people. Hurray! Finally some diversity in the looks on the street!

The following pictures are from a “Gothic Lolita” themed fashion show at the Summer Darkness Festival. I took them myself so they’re not professional pictures. The monumental gothic church “De Dom”,  is in the background, but unfortunately there’s also an ugly rainpipe I couldn’t avoid (and lots of other people too).

What I like about the Gothic Lolita look is the attention for detail: not only an übergirly dress, but also matching handbags, veils, umbrella’s, stockings, shoes, hairbows, gloves, etcetera…. like this:

Juli 2009 055

Juli 2009 046

Juli 2009 041

Juli 2009 050

Juli 2009 037

More info about SummerDarkness: www.summerdarkness.nl

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One response to “A piece of Summer Darkness

  1. Aly

    Those pictures are lovely, especially the very last one – it’s so elegant &beautiful.

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