The new face of fashion photography: Corinne Day

One of the photographers that changed fashion photography in the 90’s is Corinne Day. Before Corinne we had glossy, airbrushed images of supermodels (Cindy-Naomi-Linda-etc). But in 1990 some pictures of a 15 year old girl were publised in the third Summer of Love editorial for the FACE magazine. The girl was Kate Moss.


Corinne didn’t focus on the clothes,  but wanted the photo’s to look like a documentary and wanted to get the character of the model in the pictures. From then on, Kate and Corinne became an instant succes, resulting in working for all the large fashion magazines. The next picture is from 1993 and was published in British Vogue, Kate is photographed in her own flat by Corinne.


There was a lot of controversy about this shoot. Critics accused Corinne of being an anti-glamour snob and encouraging anorexia, drugs, even paedophilia, and promoting “heroin chic”.

Despite shooting covers for Vogue and influencing catwalk couture, Corinne grew disenchanted by commercial success. She said she “aspired to reportage” and started producing more intimate, sometimes brutal, portraits of her friends and the un-orchestrated stories of their everyday lives. The result was her first book, “Diary” (2000):




After Diary Corinne continued to work as a photographer for fashion magazines. Her work has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery, just to name a few. Some of her more recent work:




Sadly, ten years ago she also found out she had brain cancer and has been battling the disease ever since. She is currently in a clinic in Arizona undergoing expensive treatment that could save her life and her friends in the fashion industry have come up with a unique way to help her pay for it. In an effort to raise money for her fight against brain cancer, some of the photo’s of Kate will be sold. Prints will be limited edition and will be signed by Kate. The photo’s will cost circa 100 pounds and will be released in September, October and December. For more info about the pictures and how to order, check the blog of Premier Model Management: Let’s hope the cash will flow in and Corinne gets better soon!

All pictures by Corinne Day:



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4 responses to “The new face of fashion photography: Corinne Day

  1. Love the photos! Hope the photo sale helps, she’s a great talent.

  2. You posted some clothes from Primark fall eralier. I´m wondering when the over the knee boot will be in stores?


    / Jolin

    • trashcangirl

      Which ones do you mean? The high heeled ones are £25 (!) and are available from October in UK stores. The flat heeled tassle over the knee boots are also £25 and will be in UK stores end of September. My guess is they will be in store in the Netherlands around the same date.

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