Dear Creatures Autumn 2009 collection

This year’s Fall collections all seem very much alike: lots of black leather, skinny’s, leggings, boyfriend blazers, thigh high boots, studs and sequins. So when I saw the Autumn collection of Dear Creatures,  I was pleasantly surprised. Not a hint of Balmain! Dear Creatures took their inspiration from “outdoor activities”: 1960’s girl scouts, camping in the forests and mid-century Americana. Well, that certainly is something different! Their campaign pictures are also very orginal, I love the retro looking drawings in the background. Cute! I can’t find a lot of information about this brand. Their designer is Bianca Benitez and there have been two collections untill now. It seems Zooey Deschanel is a fan and wears their clothes regularly.




image_10image_09Check their website: and myspace: A webstore will be opened soon, but if you can’t wait that long check out, or (or other online stores). The nearest store for Dutch girls is Belgium store Mieke, Baudelostraat 23, 900 Gent.


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