Carrie’s back!

Name one person who influenced the looks of nations of women over the last ten years……no, it’s not a designer, but New York writer Carrie Bradshaw. I’ve got boxes full of fabric flowers, a necklace with my name and I used to have a “naked” dress. Because of Carrie it is perfectly normal to have at least a hunderd pair of shoes. Although the storyline of SATC the movie was not so interesting compared to the tv-serie (the reunion with Big in the final scenes was in my opinion completely crap), I can’t wait to see the second SATC movie because of the outfits. Recently the filming of SATC2 has started so I can proudly introduce to you: the first picture of  Carrie’s outfit!


I guess this means I have to search through my “clothing archive” (the mess in my closets) for my Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses next summer?

By the way, does anyone know who’s the stylist for the movie? It seems Patricia Field isn’t involved anymore… 

Photo from

UPDATE: I just found out that the sunglasses are made by a brand named Mykita and are called the “Franz”-shades. They cost $ 525 (no, that’s not a typing error) and will be sold at the Patricia Field store. My advice: find a simular pair in a vintage store or flea market.

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