L.A.M.B. Spring 2010

Finally Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. label made a comeback on the runway! Two years ago L.A.M.B. had a beautiful mod/ska influenced Spring 2008 collection on the runway during New York Fashion Week, and after an absence of two years (and mediocre collections), L.A.M.B. looks reborn with a fresh Spring 2010 collection.  
The clothes for this season can be described as “80’s street chic”: off-the-shoulder shirts, tye dye prints, zippers, harem pants, leggings, slouchy tops, “diaper skirts”, very short dresses and a bit of leopard. Although the fashion press names Bow Wow Wow and Bananarama as references, this collection is much more elegant and streamlined than the messy 80’s look. Love it!
My favorite looks (the jacket on the first picture is my must have item):
l.a.m.b. spring 2010
Pictures from style.com, popsugar.com and justjared.buzznet.com.


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3 responses to “L.A.M.B. Spring 2010

  1. fairynxd

    i liked three dresses,the jackets, the shoes and the rest i really hated. It’s very much Gwen’s current style.. it’s high end sportswear, but nothing special. good styling does not good clothing make imo

    • trashcangirl

      Actually, I don’t think the styling is that good. The lace leggings combined with the t-shirts look poor, maybe a bit like sportswear. But what I like are the shapes and the draping, for example on the last two outfits and the leopard dress. I really, really, really like it…. echt waar!
      How was the concert?

  2. Bon

    its indeed high end sportswear! im not much of a fan! love the leo dress, gonna be a hawtseller item!

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