I Love Your Style

New fashion book alert! I love fashion books that are a mixture of different styles and ideas (mixing designer with high street and new with vintage), and use different sources for inspiration. I think I found one of these books: it’s called “I Love Your Style” and written by Amanda Brooks.


Table of Contents:


Book images:

And some images of the writer herself:




About the book she has said; “I wanted it to be very commercial. I wanted it to be a manual. I wanted it to be soft cover at a very accessible price point. I always knew that I wanted to sell it in Urban Outfitters and Anthropology and not just Barneys or Bergdorf’s book department. I didn’t want it to be a precious book—I have so many beautiful coffee table books and I can’t say that I ever read.”

I’ve ordered my copy, can’t wait to read it!

First two  pictures from www.amazon.com, middle book images from www.ilovecatparty.blogspot.com, lastest pictures from www.thefashionspot.com.

Amanda’s blog is on the Vogue website: www.style.com/vogue/voguedaily/tag/amanda-brooks.


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One response to “I Love Your Style

  1. I honestly think that people dont have a style. I feel like it just depends on the circumstance, the mood, the lifestyle, and the influences on the wearer… I feel like “styles” are always fleeting.

    Regardless, this book looks amazing. Thanks for this post.

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