Early 80’s Madonna

A couple of days ago I’ve watched Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour on tv.  The dance routines, her stage outfits, the video screenings, every detail is 100% perfect. But somehow I got bored by it.  I miss the early 80’s Madonna. She had her brilliant own style at that time and sadly that seems to have gone.

These are my favorite pictures from her from 1979-1983. Without any budget and without an army of stylists (she did work together with French stylist Maripol, who came up with the rubber bracelets and the crucifix earrings), she looks amazing:







NYC Photographs


100 Greatest Summer Songs: Top 25 | madonna_l


One of her first video’s, Burning Up from 1983, directed by Steve Baron. Madonna’s friend Debi Mazar was hired as the make-up artist for the video, Maripol was the stylist and Madonna’s then boyfriend Ken Compton appeared as her onscreen lover.



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3 responses to “Early 80’s Madonna

  1. Great pictures! I am a massive Madonna fan and haven’t seen a couple of these so thanks for posting :0)

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