Must see movie: An Education (2009)

I was reading some stuff about the London Film Festival, when I noticed these pictures of a beautifully styled movie. The movie’s set in one of my favorite periods, the early sixties, so that explains the beautiful dresses, suits and interiors. The film is getting excellent reviews, not very surprising, because Nick Hornby (he also wrote one of my favorite movies, High Fidelity) has written the screenplay.

The story is about a bright 16-year-old schoolgirl named Jenny (played by Carey Mulligan). Bored with her own smalltown life, she dreams of a glamorous, Gauloise-scented existence as she sings along to Juliette Greco in her bedroom. She’s a brilliant student, plays chello and her parents want her to study in the future at Oxford University. One rainy day, she meets 30-ish David (Peter Sarsgaard), who offers her a lift on her way home from music practise. David introduces Jenny to a glittering new world of classical concerts and late-night suppers with his attractive friend and business partner, Danny (Dominic Cooper) and Danny’s girlfriend, the beautiful but not very bright Helen (Rosamund Pike). David replaces Jenny’s traditional education with his own version, picking her up from school and whisking her off to art auctions and smoky clubs. Much to Jenny’s amazement, David even manages to charm her conservative parents, despite being nearly twice her age. Their romance flourishes, and David whisks Jenny away to Paris for her seventeenth birthday under the pretence of being chaperoned by his “Aunt Helen.” Upon her return home, Jenny is the subject of intense scandal as her headmistress (Emma Thompson) and English teacher (Olivia Williams) accuse her of throwing away her future. Will David be the making of Jenny or her undoing?











Movie trailer:

Based on journalist Lynn Barber’s real-life experience as recounted in her book An Education, the film won the Audience Award for best film at the Sundance Film Festival and had tremendous acclaim at the Berlin Film Festival too. It will be released in the UK in October 2009. Unfortunately no information about when the movie will be released in the Netherlands.

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