Went to the hairdresser a couple of weeks ago. I have a really nice hairdresser, she doesn’t talk about the weather and  she doesn’t try to change my style. She’s the only person on this earth who has noticed I changed my hair colour from “Scandinavian” to “super light natural blond”. Anyway, we talked about different hair colours and the only colour I like, except blond, is red. Not “orange-copper-fall”-reddish, but bright, fire truck red. And immediately I thought about one of my favorite bands from the 90’s, Lush, and their red haired frontwoman Miki Berenyi.


Lush started in 1987 as a one of many shoegaze bands, but they stood out from the rest because Miki and guitarist Emma Anderson were not one of those “Oh look, a girl on guitar, how cute”-bands, but actually made amazing music and had a no-nonsense approach about it. And as a plus, Miki and Emma both looked gorgeous. 



lushc21  1991_10_1120-20london20queen20marys20college







After four brilliant albums (Scar, Spooky, Split and Lovelife), they split up in 1998. Since then Emma started a new Band (Sing-Sing),  but Miki quit the music business and became a magazine editor.

To bring back happy memories, watch this: 

Lush, De-Luxe (1991)

Lush, Ladykillers (1996)


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