Another Rebirth for Biba

Oh dear, this is I think the fourth time they try to bring Biba back to life. This time House of Fraser has bought the brand and it’s archives.


House of Fraser will introduce Biba to 30 department stores and online for autumn 2010. The collection will also include accessories, jewellery, footwear, homeware and fragrances. House of Fraser has stated that this time Biba would be “more accessible”.

The design team draws inspiration from Biba’s archives but updates the brand using modern technologies. “We will be making it a lot more appropriate for today and picking up an essence of Biba with flamboyant, sexy prints in silks, knits and dark denims with soft washes.”


fb4b_1 biba3The one and only 60’s/70’s Biba

There will be a Biba Blue range priced at £50 for denim and Biba Gold limited edition pieces priced at up to £200-plus.

I’m curious about the designs, unfortunately no preview yet. But it feels weird to see Biba continue without any involvement from the woman who started it all: Barbara Hulanicki (how about a second collection for Topshop?).

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