New Online Magazine: Test

I found this brilliantly new website called Test. it’s like an online magazine, but does not only contain photographs but also beautiful little movies. Some info from their website: “Test is a visual platform that fuses a combination of new and established artists on a constantly changing series of image-led projects. Its name is derived from the concept of a “test shoot”, where creative teams are formed to show the best of their abilities. The continually evolving website collates some of the most exciting talents from fashion, art, film, design and music.”  

 The Art Director/founder of  Test is Jaime Perlman, who has also worked for British Vogue.



  Secret Agent: photographer Wendy Bevan, fashion editor Katie Felstead, model Agent Lynch



 Face to Face: photographer Catherine Servel, stylist Leith Clark




   Into the Wild: photographer Mel Bles, Stylist Stevie Westgarth, model Amy Greenhough 

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