Finally here: Gainsbourg (vie Héroïque)

Hopes are high and grand for this very anticipated film: “Gainsbourg: vie héroïque”. It’s a bio-pic about the life the of the legendary(i would not use the word heroic, cause he was kind of an asshole as the movie also points out in his relations with women, but a musical legend he certaintly was) Serge Gainsbourg. It follows him from early childhood to his death at the age of 62 in 1991 and the many women that crossed his path during that time obviously take up quite a significant part of the movie.  It stars a cast of brilliant look-a-likes such as Eric Elmosnino as Serge, Laetitia Casta as Brigitte Bardot and Lucy Gordon(who committed suicide after the movie had been shot) as Jane Birkin amongst others. I’m excited to see how it turned out. Bio-pics are a tricky genre, but it looks promising and i’m already inspired by the 60s home-decor and clothes styling as seen in the previews!

Release dates:

January 20, 2010 (France)
January 27, 2010 (Belgium)
March 18, 2010 (Russia)
April 15, 2010 (Netherlands)
September 30, 2010 (UK)
No US release date announced as yet.


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2 responses to “Finally here: Gainsbourg (vie Héroïque)

  1. Hello ladies! Glad to see you’re excited for the film:) If you’re interested in learning more about it, I just wanted to direct you to the blog I started which covers all the news, reviews, interviews, behind the scenes videos, etc. Hope you’ll check it out and continue to follow the film’s release internationally.

    Cheers 😀
    Adam –

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