New cool band alert: Rodeo Massacre

When i stumbled upon this band the first thing in read on their myspace page is that they cathegorize their music as “21st century psychedelia”. I love old psychedelic rock so it seemed unlikely i would and usually i don’t like something new done in that style, so i sneered and looked further out of mere curiosity. The first thing i thought about when listening to one of their songs “Woman” was hello Jefferson Airplane, nice to have you back. My cynicism however was quickly replaced by genuine interest and i listened and looked further..there’s definetly more to them.

Rodeo Massacre are exactly what they claim; a band that makes “21st century psychedelia”. Or a modern take on 70s psychedelia music would be also be an accurate descbribtion. ah po-tay-to poh-tah-to..

This Swedish/French band fronted by the lovely Eleonora “Izzy” Lindqwister have their found their own spin on something classic and bring a new cool and suave to it and look cool and stylish while doing so.. But if they come around this neck of the woods i’ll definetly go and check them out..

They don’t have an album out yet. Just an EP en a bunch of single songs, all available on itunes though.


live session

their new single: Fast Fading Youth

sources: flickr, facebook, myspace etc.


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